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Injection Molding

Capstone has gained significant competency in high cavitation medical/FMCG products as well as mid volume automotive products. It’s not uncommon for us to build multiple identical 32 cavitation molds to meet the high volume needs of our customers where the order numbers can start at 200k to 2 Mil per month and at the same time high precision low volume products whose dimension tolerances are to be maintained in few microns.
We have developed considerable expertise in secondary services, such as assembly, printing or special packaging. Depending upon the volume of your project, we are equipped with manual or fully automated assembly equipment. If you want to explore your options with us, please reach out.

Contract Manufacturing

Capstone offers a complete range of plastic contract manufacturing capabilities. We have considerable expertise in Printing, Ultrasonic Welding, Surface Coating Solutions, Semi-Automatic, and Fully Automatic Assembly. For many of our customers, we are the private label manufacturer and ship the product directly to the end user. Our team helps drive cost out of the assembly process. From simple Assembly Fixtures to complex Automation Equipment and Vision Inspection Systems, we can create a fully custom process to fit your specific contract manufacturing needs.
We are staffed for 7-day, 24-hour production. We work directly with your planning departments to arrange for Kan-Ban pull systems – reducing your warehouse requirements.

Strategic Sourcing Consulting

With 3 decades of experience across the breadth and depth of auto-components sourcing, our consultants and procurement advisors can define sourcing strategies that establish a business case for change, identify sourcing opportunities, and evaluate partner capabilities that will fulfill your cost effective and optimized sourcing requirements.
Be any commodity like Plastics, rubber, Machining, Forging, Sheet metal parts, Castings – ferrous/non- ferrous or any special commodity, we can take away the hassle of implementing the solutions and manage the operations as per client requirement.